Bird testing info

Bird Testing Info by state

If you plan to bring birds to a Show, Sales area or Auction remember that they must be from a state pullorum tested flock. To arrange to have your chicken or pheasant flock tested for Pullorum, (required to show, sell, or move birds), In Massachusetts contact Esther Wegman (617)-626-1795 she will forward the request to the appropriate inspector (there are now 6). There is presently no charge in Massachusetts and they come to your house. 

For arrangements in Maine call Dr. Michele Walsh at (207)-287-7615. 

In New Hampshire call Dr. Stephen Crawford at (603)-271-2404.

 In Rhode Island call Dr. Scott Marshell at (401)-222-2781 ext. 4503.

 In Connecticut call Drs. Mary Jane Lis at (860)-713-2504 or Jamie Sullivan 860-713-2562. 

In Vermont call (802) 828-2421.

In New York call Dr. David Smith (518)-457-3502. Tests are valid for one year. Tested birds will be banded with a state issued tag. Young birds from tested flocks can also be entered.